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Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

Dormant Savings Account Fee                           $6.00 per quarter

Dormant Checking Account Fee                         $6.00per month

Undeliverable Mail Fee                                    $5.00 per quarter

Statement Copy                                               $5.00 per statement

Savings and Checking NSF Fee                         $30.00 per check

Negative balance for three consecutive days     $6.00 per day

Telephone Transfers                                        $2.00

Account History Printout                                  $2.00

Research                                                          $20.00 per hour

Check Copy (front and back)                             $3.50 per check

Rolling Coin                                                      15% of total

Stop Payment                                                    $30.00 per item

Money order                                                     $2.00

Official Check                                                  $5.00

Cash Advance by Phone                                      $5.00

Wire Transfer Domestic                                    $25.00

Fax                                                                   $1.00 per page

Non-Customer check cashing fee                          $5.00 per check approved

Replacement ATM Card (if lost)                          $10.00

ATM Card used in Foreign ATM                          $1.00 plus foreign bank fee

Foreign ATM card used in our machine                 $3.00

Safe Deposit Box Late Fee (after 60 days)          $10.00

Garnishment, Levy, or Attachment                        $20.00 per occurrence

Consumer Loan Re-Write Fee                               $50.00

Consumer Loan Special Modification Fee               $50.00

Conusmer Loan Origination Fee (Unsecured)            $79.00

Consumer Loan Origination Fee (Secured)                $149.00

Second Mortgage Origination Fee                           $125.00 plus closing costs

Mortgage Loan Origination Fee                               $380.00 plus closing costs

Mortgage Loan Closing Fee                                     $250.00

Payoff Fax Fee                                                      $20.00

Investment Origination Fee                                     $395.00 plus closing costs















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